DeWine Demands Money From Drug Companies

COLUMBUS – Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is demanding a serious offer within 30 days of millions of dollars, maybe even billions, from drug manufacturers and distributors to pay for the state’s drug problem – or else.

What’s the penalty if drug companies don’t come forward to pay for DeWine’s 12-point plan to address Ohio’s crippling drug crisis? He’s not saying.

“I want the drug companies to wonder what my next step is going to be,” DeWine said. “We will use whatever tools we can. We will leverage whatever I have, whatever authority I have and we will go after them.”

DeWine, who is a Republican running for governor in 2018, announced Monday that he sent letters to five drug manufacturers – Purdue Pharma, Endo Health Solutions, Teva, Johnson & Johnson and Allergan – demanding that they offer money to solve Ohio’s drug problem. Several were already named in a lawsuit DeWine filed in May.