Secure Ohio’s Future with the Conservative Team


“Securing Ohio’s Future” will aggressively educate Ohioans about the heartland Ohio values of these two proven conservative GOP leaders

COLUMBUS 11/30/17
— The independent advocacy group Securing Ohio’s Future, supported by conservatives throughout Ohio, announced today that it will dedicate more than a half million dollars to educate Ohioans about the conservative track record of Mike DeWine and Jon Husted in the next few months alone. The group, which has been raising money and advocating for conservative principles for the last several months, is believed to be the first to endorse the new GOP gubernatorial ticket.

“With the DeWine/Husted merger, the chances of Republicans maintaining control of the Ohio governor’s office have increased dramatically,” Securing Ohio’s Future spokesman Mark R. Weaver said today. “As Attorney General, Mike DeWine has earned the respect and support of Ohio voters through his bold work defending the rights of gun owners and the sanctity of innocent human life. And, as a conservative leader who lives his values, Jon Husted has been an outstanding Secretary of State who has proven that government can be run more efficiently. Together, Mike DeWine and Jon Husted will govern our state with the kind of heartland values and common-sense conservative approach that Ohioans have endorsed and supported for years.”

Securing Ohio’s Future has been growing quickly, adding supporters and achieving more than a million advertising impressions in the past several weeks, as more and more people visit the Facebook page and website to review which candidates and issues matter most to conservatives.

“It’s no secret that Mike DeWine and Jon Husted are the two strongest statewide candidates Ohio Republicans have this year and our fundraising team is already talking with many interested donors who were previously sitting on the sidelines worried about a contested primary and are now ready to donate to help this new ticket win the campaign,” Weaver continued. “Pro-life leaders will support this ticket, gun owners who want to protect their right to keep and bear arms will support this ticket, and Republicans who want to defeat Richard Cordray, Bill O’Neill, or whichever out-of-touch liberal Democrats nominate will support this ticket.”

Weaver went on to point out that many news media outlets are already billing the duo as the Republican “unity ticket,” one newspaper identified it as a “game changer” and nationally-respected political analyst (and former Richard Cordray staffer) Kyle Kondik called the DeWine/Husted ticket “formidable.”

Securing Ohio’s Future is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization that spends most of its resources and efforts educating Ohioans about important policy issues but also endorses and supports the most qualified conservative candidates. The group is not affiliated with and does not coordinate with any candidate campaign. Ohioans can learn more at